Vehicle Customization: Where to Start?

Many drivers purchase their vehicle because they think it has every feature they want, or close to it. But as time goes on, drivers tend to notice what the car is missing, or the elements they want to change or upgrade.

New vehicle technology is continuously being released with every new model year, so it is easy to see the appeal of keeping up with the trends to improve your ride.

If you have never modified a vehicle before, here are three customization suggestions to get you started.vehicle customization

Security System

All vehicles are manufactured with a standard factory alarm system. When working properly, the system monitors against intrusion, and if detected, the alarm will  sound to alert nearby people. But the truth is, factory alarm systems are not enough to protect vehicles against intrusion and auto theft.

Installing advanced security features, such as starter-kills and two-way alerts, are the ultimate solution for eliminating auto theft. When enabled, a starter-kill will safely disable your vehicle’s starter until you manually disarm the system via remote.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are right around the corner from their vehicle at all times. If your vehicle is getting broken into, the alarm might sound, but that does not necessarily mean you will be able to hear it.

But now, with the help of two-way alerts, you will be aware of any and all intrusions. The two-way alert will notify you through a smartphone application or text message.

From there, you can contact the correct authorities or alert the neighborhood to remain vigilant against auto theft, all from hundreds of miles away.

Exterior Wraps

As trends change, the color you fell in love with years ago might not be as appealing in today’s light. But do not fret, exterior wraps are the perfect alternative to costly paint jobs. Exterior wraps allow drivers to achieve a paint-like finish while protecting from chips or scratches.

Exterior wrapping services give owners the perfect starting point to transform their vehicle into the car of their dreams with the choice of any color imaginable. Unlike paint jobs, drivers can even choose between textured or patterned exterior wraps.

USB Charger

In the early 1980s, when cellphones were first introduced into society, car chargers were all the rage. But in today’s technologically advanced society, drivers and passengers need to charge much more than just cell phones.

With the development of smart watches, tablets, and GPS systems, drivers have found themselves needing a universal port to charge all of their devices.

This universal port comes in the form of a USB charger. Owners looking for a quick and easy installation to kick start their vehicle customization, should consider installing a USB port into their vehicle.

USB ports give drivers the ability to plug in any wire and charge any device at any time, without having to worry about finding multiple different car chargers.

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