4 Easy Ways to Winterize a Jeep

With freezing temperatures just around the corner, November is the perfect time to start to winterize your Jeep. These cold-weather accessories will prepare your Jeep for slippery conditions while helping to prevent emergencies.

winterize jeep

Engine Heater

As the temperature gets closer to single digits, engines have a harder time starting and warming up. An engine heater can be installed and turned on or off as necessary, to increase the chances of the engine working properly in the cold.

By warming the engine’s coolant and oil supply, the engine will warm up quicker than normal without working harder. The use of an engine heater also offers many great benefits, including better fuel economy, reduced emissions, and reduced engine deterioration.

Tire Chains

The best place to be in snowy or icy conditions is at home, but if you must drive somewhere, tire chains give you much-needed peace of mind. When there is a layer of snow or ice on the roads, tire chains act as grips to provide better traction and reduced skidding.

It is important to remember: snowy conditions are still dangerous even when driving with tire chains. A vehicle with tire chains should never be driven more than 30mph.

Insulated Hard Top

Soft tops might be a great addition to your Jeep for summer, but they prove hazardous come wintertime. Snowstorms, hail storms, and heavy precipitation are all very common elements of winter, which can easily damage a Jeep’s soft top. Unlike a soft top, a hardtop will not bow down under the weight of snow and ice.

Hardtops are generally better at retaining heat, but if you are looking for that extra source of warmth, an insulated hardtop kit will do the trick. The kit is made from thick insulated pieces that are easily installed to the roof.

Heated Seats & Mirrors

Nowadays, there is nothing standing between you and your dream Jeep. If your Jeep did not originally come with the luxuries of heated seats or mirrors, you can easily add these aftermarket features.

Windshield defrosters can be a life-saver in freezing conditions, but what about the ice still covering your mirrors? Heated mirrors serve to solve this problem simply and easily – just flip the switch located inside your Jeep and watch your problems melt away.

Trying to get warm while sitting in a freezing vehicle is never fun. Installing seat heaters in the front seats allow the driver and passenger to get warm quickly without any major alteration or damage.

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