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What Bed Liner Should You Choose for Your Truck?

For help choosing the bed liner that fits your lifestyle, talk to one of the technicians at Trick Trucks!
For help choosing the bed liner that fits your lifestyle, talk to one of the technicians at Trick Trucks!

If you just bought a new truck or just want to replace your old, warn out bed liner with something else, knowing which kind to choose can be overwhelming. How do you know what kind to choose? While all bed liners have pros and cons, it is about choosing the best bed liner for you and your life style.

Spray-on Liners

The main pro of spray-on liners are the fact that they do no slide around in the bed of your truck. Although they are not a thick as drop-in liners, the liners do provide impact absorbing protection that will help minimize minor denting. Spray-on liners are also easier to clean and available in many colors that can be customized to your truck. These liners mold to the contours of the bed and provide a weather and water tight seal without air gaps, bolts, or drill holes. Spray-in liners also provide a textured, non-skid surface that is easy to clean and repair. On the downside, these liners can’t be removed once they are put in. Hard to remove stains, such as paint, may ruin the liner by becoming permanent. These are liners that must be installed by a professional and should not be applied yourself.

Drop-in Liners

Drop-in liners are easily installed or removed from the truck bed. Their flexible material is made to provide protection from dents in the bed of your truck. They are long lasting and easy to clean. However, drop-in liners are not a permanent option for your truck bed so they can be change if they become damaged. These liners are installed by drilling holes into the truck bed and rails. If not installed correctly, the liners could become loose and scratch the paint and body of your truck. Dirt, water, debris, and sand could also cause damage under the liner. Drill holes can make the truck vulnerable to weather and could result in rust or corrosion.

If you would like to know more about which bed liner is for you, talk to the technicians at Trick Trucks to find out what is the best option for your life style.

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