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What Causes Your Tire Tread Wear?

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As your tires are constantly in use, it’s normal for your overall tire performance to start changing. As far as your tire tread, however, there could be several reasons why irregular tread occurs. This may mean you will need to replace your tire fairly soon. But to get a better idea about tire tread wear, let’s take a look at a few of the causes and issues.

Tire Tread Issues: Improper Inflation Pressure

If your tire is not inflated properly, there is a very good chance that your tire will start to experience more rapid and/or uneven wear. When a manufacturer suggests tire pressure, they are taking in consideration handling, ride comfort, and fuel economy. But what most people don’t realize is that manufactures also take into account tire wear. When a tire is properly inflated, it will optimize the distribution of acceleration, braking, vehicle load, and cornering forces in the tread. So when the tire isn’t inflated properly, you can now see why tire tread wear can occur more rapidly or unevenly in your tires. Ideally, you want to try and check the pressure in your tires every month. You will also want to double check the pressure if you are carrying an unusually heavy load or going on a long trip. The proper inflation specifications should be labeled by or along the driver’s side door. Your owner’s manual will also have the recommendations for the correct tire pressure.

Tire Tread Issues: Out-Of-Spec Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is what refers to the adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension and steering components. You see, this is the system that will control the motion of your wheels. Proper alignment depends on adjusting the angles of your tires and the contact of the tires with the road in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The specifications focus on such parameters as toe, caster, and camber. When your tire alignment isn’t correct, it can cause your tire tread to wear prematurely.

Types of Out-Of-Spec Tire Wear

Heel/toe tire wear will occur when one side of your tread blocks are wearing out faster than the other side circumferentially. When you place your hand over the tread blocks, it can feel like you are running your hand across saw teeth. Heel/toe wear can occur because of excessive negative or positive toe. For one-sided shoulder tire wear, the outside or inside shoulder rib of your tread is more worn than the other ribs. This is known as camber wear, and excessive negative or positive camber will often cause this type of wear. Finally, tire tread wear can occur through a combination of settings being improperly aligned and excessive caster and toe.

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