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What Does a Cold Air Intake System Do?

Cold air intake systems are one of the many aftermarket additions you can add to your pickup truck that give a boost to your engine’s horsepower. So how do they work? Read on to find out?


Cold Air Intake Systems

To understand how a cold air intake system works, we have to understand how the engine gets air to use for combustion. First, it passes through a filter to remove debris, and then on to the engine. Because the air collection filter is located in the engine, which is warm, the air it collects is warm. While warm air does not harm to the engine, it’s not the best for ideal performance. The tubing used to connect the filter to the rest of the engine also prioritizes quiet air movement over optimal air flow.

What a cold air intake system does is replace the filter and tubing with a new filter and tube that prioritizes air flow to the engine, which allows it to generate more power. Cold air intake systems also partition the filter away from the heat of the engine, and they take in cool air from the grill or fender as opposed to air that was already under the hood. This cool air is denser than warm air (this is why warm air rises) and “dense air lets the fuel injectors supply more fuel to the engine to enhance horsepower.”


cold air intake system



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