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What to Know About Getting New Tire Rims

What to Know About Getting New Tire Rims
How well do you know your tire rims?

How well do you know your tire rims? Whether you think so or not, there are a few things that you should consider before purchasing and installing some new rims on your truck. Go into this new purchase with the most knowledge you can to avoid getting ripped off! Know what you want and how you want it so that when you go to buy, you know just what you are looking for before you buy.


When it comes to tire rims, size defines the wheel diameter. At least, it does at first. Your wheel size can vary depending on how large you would like your new tires to be. Before choosing new wheels for aesthetic reasons, it is crucial that you consider what you use your vehicle most for: are you a city driver or do you like to go off-roading on the weekends? Driving conditions will be a significant determining factor on how big you can go with your wheel size. You can increase your wheel size about an inch in diameter, but make sure you do not purchase wheels before first verifying that your tires will fit them. Use an online tire calculator to figure out which tires and tire rims will best match your wheel size.

Bolt Pattern

Bolt patterns refer to the number of bolt holes on a wheel and the distance between those bolt holes. For example, if you have a bolt pattern of 5×4, that means there are five bolts on each wheel with a distance of four inches in between them. Sometimes, bolt patterns are measured in millimeters, so make sure you understand what your bolt pattern is and which units it is measured in to ensure accuracy. Also, remember that the ‘center bore’ is the center hole on the back of every wheel that is used to secure it to your axel. The diameter of this center bore is important when fitting and sizing new wheels.


Backspacing refers to the distances from where your wheels are mounted to the inner edge or flange. It is usually measured in inches and is vital to getting the perfect fit for your vehicle. Backspacing varies according to your offset, so be sure to get that measured as well before buying new rims. If you choose the wrong backspacing size for your particular vehicle, you can get a less than perfect fit for your vehicle.

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