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What’s In A Name…For Our Vehicles?

Let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. For those of us who think of our cars as something more than wheels to get us from Point A to Point B, we tend to form a more personal bond with our vehicles. If you have ever been called a “car person”, you already know what I’m talking about. We have a deeper attachment when it comes to taking care of them and are highly passionate with anything that is vehicle-related. So much so, that they become part of the family and need to be given a name! Think I’m crazy? More people than you would think name their cars as a way to form a special bond and lasting attachment that is reminiscent of how much joy their vehicle brings them.

What’s In A Name...For Our Vehicles?

Surprisingly, vehicles can hold a lot of positive memories for a person. They are present for important moments in our lives that we want to remember and reminisce about. For example, it could be the spot where you had your first kiss, or the vehicle you drove when you first got your license. It could be the car that brought your first child home from the hospital or even the car you took to walk across the stage at graduation. For reasons like these, we attach to our vehicles and give them a name to reinforce that bond. Now, let’s get to finding a name for our vehicles!


What Does it Look Like?

One of the best ways to find a name is to take a look at its overall appearance. What do you see? Is it big or is it small? Maybe you have a lifted Ford F-150 that requires a running start to jump up into the seat or perhaps an agile Mini Cooper that can handle curves in a road like a champ. Its different characteristics in your car that will help you narrow down a name you will love.


They Have Personality Too!

Can you hear a rattle from a few loose bolts somewhere lost around the engine in your vintage car? Or maybe it’s the whistle from the flawless shift in gears as you show off your new Porsche’s horsepower. The personality of a vehicle is unique to each one, and honing in on these little details can get your creative juices flowing for figuring out its new name. 


Draw From Your Own Inspiration

There is nothing more special than choosing a name from something that is meaningful to you. Think about the things you like or enjoy. Draw from things such as a favorite movie or song that you know you could recite each and every word. It also could be a character from your favorite book or a player from your favorite sports team. 


Name For Our Vehicles

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