When Do I Need A Wheel Alignment?

Routine wheel alignments are crucial to keeping your vehicle in optimal driving condition. In general, a tire alignment serves to re-adjust the vehicle’s suspension, and more importantly, the angle of the tires. It is important to keep a close eye on your alignment as even a small alignment issue can cause big problems.

wheel alignment

New Tires

After installing new tires, it is highly recommended to get a wheel alignment. It will ensure all four tires are angled correctly, and ultimately, help your tires last longer.

When your vehicle was manufactured, it was programmed with specific tire angles that allow for optimum travel. If owners choose not to align their new tires, they experience premature tire wear and poor handling.

A proper wheel alignment after new tires also helps increase fuel efficiency. If your tires are misaligned, your vehicle has to work harder to accelerate, which uses more gas than normal. An alignment allows all your wheels to work together rather than work against one another.

Lifted or Lowered Suspension

If you have recently lifted, lowered, or modified your vehicle’s suspension in any way, a wheel alignment is necessary. It is very common for suspension modifications to mess with toe, camber, and caster angles.

A post-lift wheel alignment will adjust your angles back to their original specs, which means your tires will meet the road at the proper angle, point straight, and be centered. As a result, your vehicle will steer better, turn better, and drive smoother.

Significant Impact

We all know the feeling – the sudden jolt as your vehicle hits against a curb, pothole, or another unexpected item in the road. But a significant enough impact has the power to do more than just rock the driver, it can knock the vehicle’s entire suspension out of alignment.

After any notable impact, drivers will likely notice driving difficulties as their vehicle begins to pull to one side or the wheel begins to shake during travel. These difficulties, and any future impact troubles, can easily be fixed with a wheel alignment.

Annually Check-Up

Just like any routine vehicle maintenance, wheel alignments should be performed 1-2 times a year, depending on the driver. Scheduling annual alignments will save you more money in the long run. If you are not sure if your vehicle needs an alignment, Trick Trucks has the equipment and skills needed to take a look.

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