Truck Suspension Lift Kit

Find a Suspension Lift Kit for Your Truck in Maryland

Looking to lift the suspension on your truck? Trick Trucks offers suspension lift kits that will get you the lift on your suspension that you want. Not only does lifting your truck’s suspension make your truck look cool, it also comes with a lot of benefits to your truck.


The first benefit of a higher suspension is more ground clearance. This especially advantageous when you’re doing off-roading, as the truck has more room to clear obstacles or take potholes in stride with the increased space between the ground and the truck’s undercarriage. The shocks will also bear some of the brunt of off-road driving. The higher suspension also gives you a better view off the road, or wherever you’re driving, which lets you see other drivers better and avoid accidents. Finally, a lifted suspension gives your truck more control and weight advantage when towing. This only applies to trucks that are lifted at a mid-range level; highly lifted trucks do not have this towing advantage.




Suspension Lift Kit in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, & WV

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