Why Should You Replace Your Air Intake System?

Air intake system
Want more horsepower? Check out a new air intake system!

When it comes to modifying your vehicle, one of the most common performance related upgrades people make is to upgrade their air intake systems. A new air intake system can help improve the performance of any vehicle, even newer models. So why should you replace your air intake system? Read on to find out.

Increases Acceleration

One of the biggest draw of a replacement system is the increased horsepower. While the amount could vary from vehicle to vehicle, a new air intake could tack on as much as 20 horsepower onto your current speed. It can also increase the vehicle’s engine responsiveness when accelerating. Due to the increased amount of air available, the engine can reach your desired speed faster compared to stock intake models. If you enjoy racing or want to accelerate quicker between traffic lights, an aftermarket air intake is for you.

Enhanced Sound

From the rumble of a diesel truck to the roar of a motorcycle, people love it when their vehicles are loud. If you like to have an aggressively sounding vehicle, you will enjoy a new intake. As more air courses through the engine, a loud sound is produced that many car lovers love. For those who prefer to include the performance without the loud noises, there are intake models that come with a muffle while still giving you the performance you want.

Greater Fuel Economy

Engines rely on a mixture of fuel and air in order to create an explosion inside the engine and power the vehicle. When there is not enough air pumping through the engine, a vehicle consumes more gas to compensate. Stock intakes are designed to make your vehicle quiet, not necessarily fuel efficient so they use more gasoline. Pumping in more air with a new intake can result in reduced gas consumption and can save you money on fuel expenses.

With a simple upgrade, your vehicle will run better than ever. Whether you decide to go for the short ram or the cold air intake, these aftermarket air intake systems can increase your vehicle’s energy efficiency, speed, power, and sound. So what are you waiting for? Call Trick Trucks for your air intake system installation today!

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