Why We Love KargoMaster Van Packages

kargomaster van packages

When you have a van or a truck for your commercial business, you know the pain and inconvenience of trying to find the tools you need. Or bumping into, stepping on, and falling over everything because of limited space, or your tools and supplies don’t stay where you put them. If you’re ready for something different, read more below to learn why we love KargoMaster van packages.

KargoMaster Storage Solutions

At Tricks Trucks, some of our favorite storage solutions come from KargoMaster. They offer storage solutions for HVAC, electrical, general needs, and more. 

When you first open those doors and look inside after a van package makeover, it’s like visually taking a bite of your favorite food prepared by the one who knows most how you like it made. 

The phrase ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ comes to full fruition as you have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where you’ll put your equipment and stay there.


In our minds, shelving is every bit as important as storage. With KargoMaster shelves, you no longer have to guess where you’re going to put your tools and supplies. Their professional designers understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than not finding something immediately when you need it most. 

Their packages also come with adjustable partitions and shelf dividers. The partition serves as a barrier to reduce noise and provide protection for the driver and passengers. One of the best things about KargoMaster shelving packages is that they contour the shelves to allow their units to fit flush against the wall of your commercial vehicle. The shelves use a unique lance support technique, which provides maximum shelf-to-structure support on each shelf.


You’re the only one who knows how you want your tools and supplies organized, so it only makes sense to build and configure it to your specific needs. It doesn’t matter if your commercial vehicle is for refrigeration, electrical, HVAC, or some other use; you can easily customize the van packages from KargoMaster. 

It doesn’t even matter what type of van you have: compact, low roof, standard roof, or high roof. You can adjust the individual shelves to different heights, making storing bulkier or taller items far easier.

Built To Last

You want materials you can rely upon year after year, not something that will buckle, crack, rust, or bend easily. 

KargoMaster builds their van packages to last, and they use the strongest steel and aluminum in all their manufactured products. This ensures that you have the strongest and most durable van package you could possibly have that comes with a lifetime frame warranty. The lifetime frame warranty means if your shelves bend, crack, buckle, or somehow fail structurally, KargoMaster will replace or repair the product at its expense.

If you have a commercial van and you’re tired of not having everything organized, then today is the day to change all of that. Contact us today to request our interior build-out services so you can have the organization and durability you need.