Why Won’t My Car Start?

Sometimes Mother Nature gets the best of us. That is why it is important to remain knowledgeable and aware about what to do in times of vehicle crisis.

The cold winter months are not an opportune time to be left stranded, so Trick Trucks has compiled a list of the four main reasons your car is won’t start, along with the best next steps.

car start

Battery is dead or dying.

The battery is quite literally the power source of your vehicle. If it is dead, your vehicle will not have enough energy to turn over or start.

Severe weather can result in damages to your battery and battery case, including an unusual shape. A standard battery is rectangular, but prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures can cause the battery to swell and crack. A misshapen battery is a definite way to tell if your vehicles battery is the problem.

Another common sign of a dead battery is corroded connections. These connections are necessary to carry the energy from the battery to the vehicle. If the connections are corroded with a white ashy substance, then your battery will not start properly or at all.

Broken starter.

A starter is a small motor, with the sole purpose of getting your engine running. When you turn your key in the ignition, the starter relay should turn on the starter with no reluctance or sound.

If you hear any clicking, grinding, or whirring noises, that means you should immediately stop trying to start the vehicle. Unfortunately, it also means your starter is either dead or broken.

Sometimes the starter relay allows the key to be fully turned, but the starter will not power on. The dashboard lights will appear as normal, but the engine will not start.

If either of these problems occur, be sure to get your vehicle to the nearest Trick Trucks location. Repeatedly trying to start your car can cause the starter to blow fuses or short circuit, which can be extremely dangerous.

Faulty ignition system.

The most common cause of problems in a vehicle ignition system are the ignition coils. These coils are a necessary component to the vehicles electronic management of the ignition system. The ignition coils function as inductors for the energy and spark needed to ignite the engine’s fuel.

A problem with an ignition coil can likely lead to performance issues, such as the vehicle not starting. Have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible to avoid future issues.

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