Why You Should Consider a Dash Cam for Your Truck

dash cam
A dash cam could save you from the traffic headaches you least expect.

Just about everything has a camera these days, but many people often overlook the need to keep one in their truck. With all the acts of unbelievable stupidity on the road, why wouldn’t you want to keep a visual record? A dash cam is exactly what its name implies: a camera for your dashboard. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider adding one to your truck.

Be Prepared in an Accident

Car accidents are some of the worst experiences to deal with. Avoid the nonsense and headaches involved in traffic disputes by having a dash cam. A dash cam gives you the facts and makes your case airtight for police. While an insurance discount is not yet offered in the U.S., owning a dash camera can indirectly affect your premium and keep vehicle insurance rates down. The footage a dash cam can provide can turn out to be invaluable in many situations. With a dash cam you can catch insurance fraudsters and people trying to cheat the system, for example.

Catch Damages and Vandalism

Parking lots and garages are some of the most overlooked spots when it comes to vehicle damage. All too often people pull out and tap or scratch your car in the process. Worse yet, your vehicle could be vandalized when it’s left unattended in a public space. The best part about dash cams is that they are typically battery operated, and will continue recording even when the car is parked. With a dash cam you finally have a means to deal with hit and run sideswipes. Even if you can’t hold the culprit accountable, footage of how the damage was done to your vehicle is useful for your insurance company.

Documenting a Road Trip

Dash cams aren’t just useful for sorting out traffic disputes and scuffles. They are also excellent for documenting a summer road trip. You always end up finding something weird or exciting on a road adventure, and a dash cam is the best way to preserve that memory even when you haven’t planned for it. While dash cams are primarily used for safety and legal protection, you might be surprised to find what kind of footage you can capture while on the road. One dash cam owner in Russia caught a spectacular meteor shower display, for example.

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