Why You Should Upgrade Your Automotive Lighting

automotive lighting
Upgrading your automotive lighting will help you stay safer at night.

Other than your brakes, there is no feature in your vehicle that is more essential to your safety than the lights. Without functioning headlights, you wouldn’t be able to see other cars at times when the sun isn’t out. A good pair of vehicle lights is what enables drivers to venture out on the road during less than ideal conditions. Whether it’s moonless nights, foggy mornings, or stormy afternoons, bright vehicle lights serve as a guide to your destination. Automotive lights also give truck owners the opportunity to redesign the look of their car with an alternate lighting style or color.

Halogen Headlight

Halogen is a very reactive and poisonous chemical, but has practical applications in automotive lighting. Halogen bulbs are a popular choice for headlights because they produce bright, white light. Each bulb uses a tungsten filament and a glass filament that’s filled with halogen gas. Each time the headlight is turned on, gas routes back to the filament. Halogen bulbs have a longer lifespan and lower replacement cost, but can generate excess heat and waste energy.

Xenon Headlight

Unlike halogen, xenon is highly unreactive, colorless, and odorless. Xenon is extracted from liquefied air for use in commercial purposes, such as illuminating your headlights! A xenon bulb emits clean, white light and is sometimes used in high-intensity discharge lighting. Xenon bulbs provide substantial illumination and are more efficient compared to halogen. They use less power and will last longer, but come at a higher price point.

LED Headlight

LED’s or “light emitting diode” use semiconductor diodes to give off light when voltage is applied to it. LEDs are increasingly popular in display and lighting technology for various kinds of electronics. LED headlight may need a different design than halogen or xenon headlights. LED’s are incredibly versatile, and consume less energy. However, LED’s generate a lot of heat and need more cooling to run properly than halogen or xenon headlights. This makes them an expensive option.

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