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Winter Driving Safety

Winter Driving Safety
Make sure to stay safe this holiday season!

As the winter holidays set in, so does the wet winter weather. As we struggle through the holiday shopping season, do you know how to stay safe through the miles of brake lights? Let’s go over some winter driving safety tips!

Preparing Your Vehicle

Preparing for winter weather starts with your car maintenance. Make it a habit of checking your tire tread every few weeks to ensure your car is ready for any surface. It is also a good idea to have your battery and windshield wipers checked the next time you have your oil changed. Pack a duffle bag with jumper cables, a flashlight, sand or kitty litter, a shovel, a snow brush and ice scraper, flares, and blankets in the back of your vehicle. These items will help you in the event of an accident on breakdown in your winter travels.


When making driving plans, allow plenty of time to get to your destination and plan out your route for the safest and quickest way possible. If you are driving alone, tell others where you will be going and what time you should arrive. It is also important to maintain at least a half a tank of gas during all times. This will ensure you have a source of heat in case you become stranded. Drive with your headlights on in order to maintain visibility and clear snow and ice off your cars including the hood, roof, and trunk. Avoid using cruise control in the snowy and icy conditions as it could contribute to hydroplaning. If you do get caught in a snowstorm or have car trouble, remember to only run your vehicle for 10 minutes every hour. Keep your exhaust pipe clear of snow and ice and crack your window slightly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Remember to leave plenty of stopping distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Stopping during winter weather can prove difficult and dangerous. Checking your vehicles exterior is one of the first steps to being safe this holiday season! For more information on purchasing new exterior accessories, call your local Trick Truck location.

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