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Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

Winter Driving TipsThis year may have seemed relatively quiet with a long spring and mellow summer, but rest assured: winter is coming. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter will have above-normal snowfalls, which means driving in wintry conditions will be more like the rule rather than the exception. Snow can freeze and become slippery ice, but both present major hazards to drivers – possibly even fatally. To stay safe during those wintry conditions, we’ve put together some winter driving tips:

Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

  1. Stay awake! Driving in dreary weather conditions requires a great deal of energy and concentration, and can leave you tired and exhausted by the end. To stay awake, consider lowering the heater so you don’t put yourself in a situation to nod off because it’s toasty and warm.
  2. If you can postpone a trip, do it. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you can’t hold off on your trip, make sure someone knows your travel itinerary: your departure point, where you are headed, and when you plan to arrive. Keep a phone that is charged in your car with you so you can make emergency phone calls if necessary. Also make sure you have blankets, gloves, hats, food, water, and any necessary medications with you in the event you get snowbound.
  3. Cold air means low pressure. To combat a flat tire during the winter season, make sure you keep your tires inflated and check them regularly. The only thing keeping your car connected to the surface area, even if it’s covered in snow and ice, is your tires. You might want to also check your treads to make sure they’re not worn – if they are, they will be less likely to grip the roads, making it more likely your car could lose control in poor conditions.
  4. Be mindful of acceleration and deceleration as it can be difficult to gain traction on icy or snowy roads. For best results, slowly accelerate and build up to your normal speed so that you maintain traction throughout. The most common cause for winter accidents is accelerating too quickly and losing traction.
  5. Drive carefully! You can never be too safe, and on snowy or icy roads, driving slowly can mean the difference between a safe arrival or an emergent departure. Build extra time into your schedule to guarantee your safety.

Most of all, remember: if you can stay home, stay home!

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