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Your Work Truck (or Van) Plays an Important Role in Customer Satisfaction

Work Truck Customer SatisfactionIt’s a weekday routine: wake up, drive to work, hop in the company truck, and head out to your headquarters for the day. Are you conscious about how you drive in the work truck? Companies generally want you to drive differently than you drive your own car: being courteous to others on the road, keeping the cut-offs to a minimum, and obeying traffic signals. The outside of the company-owned van has the logo on it, and the company wants you to give it a good reputation. A good reputation means a boost in customer satisfaction.

Work Truck Appearance

If you are a business owner, wrapping your work truck or van gives you loads of free advertising after you spend a few dollars to do it. The business vehicle should be washed regularly and have little to no dents in it. Even the inside of the truck should be cleaned, because anyone at a red light can peek over and see trash piled on the passenger floor or cigarette burns on the seats. Regular maintenance of the car is essential so as not to distract other drivers in a bad way. If the tires are squealing every time you pull out of a parking spot, that should be fixed so others around do not look at the company truck with disdain. Having a clean truck is also crucial for safety. If you pull up in a wealthy residential neighborhood, people will notice if your work truck fits in with the quality of service they are expecting. A professional truck gives a skilled appearance, which will instill confidence in customers.

Driving the Company Truck

Make sure that whoever is driving the truck is reliable and responsible. It doesn’t reflect well on the business name if a driver is texting behind the wheel, or being careless in regards to other cars on the road. Keeping in mind the goal of customer satisfaction, a driver should always assume the cars around him or her are potential future clients. Having a work truck out and about is fairly convenient for workers. If you own a landscaping business, for example, all tools can be in the truck so there is no need to go to the corporate office during the day. Trick Trucks offers customization of company vehicles in regards to shelving – so tools can stay organized and easy to reach. The more time out and about, the more people will see the company logo on the truck.

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