4 Popular Truck Customizations From Trick Trucks

popular truck customizations

Customizing your truck is a way to reflect your personality or what you need. These customizations can range from custom ball hitches, wheels, headache racks, running lights, lift kits: anything you can choose. Below are a few popular truck customizations we provide at Trick Trucks.

Lift and Leveling Kits

Lift and leveling kits lift your vehicle so you can put on larger tires. Lift kits and leveling kits provide different clearance heights. If you don’t do off-roading, a leveling kit is your best choice as it offers up to three inches of clearance. A lift kit is a good choice for off-roading and staying on the road. Also called a suspension system, a lift kit will raise your vehicle between three and eight inches.

Besides appearances and off-roading, a higher vehicle allows you to drive through deep snow. Instead of worrying about how your vehicle’s body will hold up, all you have to worry about are your tires.

Customize your lighting to fit your needs.

With LED lights, you have a customizable range of brightness and colors that provide just the wow factor you want. For legal accent lighting, you can have LED lights of any color for your vehicle’s interior. You can add a glow to your glove box, control panels, or any other place just as long as it doesn’t impair your vision. LED lights are also great for illuminating the road for increased visibility to take your vehicle anywhere you want to go. LED lights are incredibly efficient and can withstand any type of weather you can drive through.

Running Boards and Nerf Bars

If you have a higher vehicle, or even just a big truck, running boards, and Nerf bars make it easy and safe to enter and exit the vehicle. Plus, it has the added benefit of enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. If you are short or have a loved one who is, running boards and Nerf bars are a much-needed addition. They have a flat profile and provide the most stepping area. Nerf bars are tubular sidebars that function as side steps. Both Nerf bars and running boards make it easy to safely enter and exit the vehicle and provide some protection from flying rocks.

Internal Build-Out

When it comes to the needs of commercial vehicles, we at Trick Trucks are experts at providing the bulkhead products and shelving you need to get the job done. Many commercial vehicles act as a traveling workshop, which means everything needs to be functional and use the space wisely. We never cut corners when installing products for your commercial vehicles. 

Whether you want customizations for your personal or commercial vehicles, Trick Trucks has what you want and need. If you’re looking for someone to expertly install shelving, lifts, lighting, and more, contact us today to let us put the trick in your car, truck, or commercial vehicle.