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Benefits of Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are tubular bars that run along the sides of the vehicle. The main purpose of these bars are to provide the driver and passengers with a convenient way to climb in and out of vehicles, especially lifted trucks and tall SUVs.

nerf bars

If you are interested in outfitting your vehicle with nerf bars, it is important to first consider the various pros and cons before making your final decision.

Easy Access To Roof & Truck Bed

Not only do nerf bars make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, they also provide a stable place to step when accessing items inside the truck bed or on the roof. This serves to prevent driver injury and strain, as well as helps to protect cargo from damage.

Normally, drivers would have to stand inside their truck bed or stand on their tip-toes if they need to load or unload items. But with nerf bars, drivers can simply step up in order to easily reach their cargo.

Protect Against Damage

Since nerf bars stick out slightly farther than the wheels and body of the vehicle, they provide a level of protection against damage and scratches. If the vehicle parked next to you accidentally opens the door too far or a runaway shopping cart starts coming your way, all the damage will be on the nerf bar instead of ruining your paint job or denting your door.

The nerf bars will also protect your vehicle from rocks, branches, and other debris that might fling up from the road or trail during travel.


One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of nerf bars is the sleek, yet rugged appearance. Drivers can choose between a variety of different materials and finishes, including polished stainless steel, powder-coated carbon steel, matte, textured, plastic, or aluminum.

Each nerf bar is designed to seamlessly fit the exact make and model of your car or truck. Drivers can even choose between two lengths, cab-length or wheel to wheel, for a more customized feel. Regardless of the material or length you choose, you can be confident these functional additions can enhance the look and feel of your vehicle.

Reduce Clearance

Due to their placement on the vehicle, nerf bars have been known to slightly reduce your vehicle’s ground clearance in some instances. This occurs if the bar is installed significantly lower than the bottom of your wheel well.

To prevent this problem, drivers should always have a professional measure and install nerf bars.

Narrow Surface

Compared to running boards, nerf bars have a narrower stepping surface. The standard nerf bars are 2-6 inches in diameter, with a round or oval shape.

For some passengers, this might make it slightly more difficult to find and maintain footing. This is especially true during poor weather conditions when the nerf bar is wet and slippery.

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