Calling All Jeep Lovers!

We know that the Jeep lovers community is a tight-knit one, whether you love to cruise down the highway or spend your weekends off roading on the trails. No matter what route you take, we have some seriously cool ideas to customize your Jeep!


jeep lovers

Fender Flares


Fender flares are the perfect addition to elevate the style and look of your Jeep. These go on and attach directly to the wheel wells of your vehicle, while will give it a one of a kind appearance. But these do more than just make your Jeep look cool. They also add a protective layer to allow minimal damage or rust to your Jeep. It creates a barrier from anything that flies up or scrapes that area. 


Trick Trucks can assist with outfitting your Jeep with four types of fender flares:


  • Extended — focuses more on covering larger tires, giving a lowkey look
  • Flat — these are made specifically for Jeep, but all other types are welcome
  • OE style — if you want that driven right off the lot look, there give off a factory new appearance
  • Pocket or Bolt — A more heavy duty, and rugged type look, that come with an open bolt look




Custom lighting is always a hit, no matter what type you go for. You have the option to install mounted lighting systems, or just as some LED to the interior. The choice is yours.


Interior lighting can be a cool option to set the mood for different types of adventures like camping trips or a long distance road trip. These types of lights come in many different colors and styles. 


Exterior lighting can be something fun to add, to light your way through a trail or if you just want some extra safety measures by adding more visibility. You add a lighting system to the outside that can be controlled from the inside. You can switch out stock headlights for something brighter. There’s also other types of lighting, like puddle lights or tailgating lights that might peak your interest.




Winches first purpose is to be used as a safety device, but it is more and more common to see Jeep driving around with one of these installed. These ropes and motors are mounted to the front of your bumper just in case you need to help a friend pull their vehicle out of mud or a ditch.

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