Cars For The College-Bound

It is that time of year where college students are heading back to campus this month. For most, they either tend to live on campus or can get around easily by walking. Some choose to have a car with them at school and that can have its benefits and negatives. Having access to a car is very helpful but you also have to incur things like maintenance costs and parking fees. If you’re looking for a car to take with you to campus, we have a few recommendations for you. Here are a few cars for the college-bound.


Cars For The College-Bound


What to Look For 

When looking for a student-friendly vehicle, there’s a few areas you should be looking at:


  • Safety Ratings
  • Financing Options
  • Efficiency Ratings
  • Cost


Generally a used car is a good economical choice for a college student. It is not as expensive and costs less than one at sticker price. That also doesn’t mean you have to drive some beat up car either. You can find great deals on vehicles that have low-mileage and only one previous owner. If the used car route may be something you’re interested in, we have a few pointers for you here as well:


  • Ask for a CARFAX or accident history 
  • Take notice of the condition of the car (usually you can tell if the vehicle has been well maintained)
  • What features does it have? It may be a few years older, but still may have a lot of convenience features


Overall Advice


Fuel Efficiency is probably going to be one of the foremost importances when you’re at college. You’ll want to consider how you will be using your car. Are you commuting to school from off campus? Are you taking classes then driving to your job afterwards? Gas mileage is an important item to take into consideration when taking a vehicle along with you.



Check out the safety rating on the vehicle you have your eye on. Look into what kind of safety feature the car is equipped with. A lot of cars these days come with things like automatic braking or blind spot monitors that will increase your safety while driving. 


Trick Trucks has everything you need for a vehicle that is college-bound. Need a part or want to make a few fun customizations before you head off? Call up Trick Trucks and one of our professional team members will gladly help get your car what it needs.