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Cars That Looks Good In Orange

Is spooky season your time of year? Halloween is in full force this year! With Halloween rapidly approaching, the color orange has taken over decorations, drinks, party decorations, and more. Since this time of year we are surrounded by the color orange, why can’t car enthusiasts join in on the fun as well? We’re bringing you a few different makes and models of vehicles that shine in the color orange!


Orange cars


Nissan 350Z


Looking for a sports car that will make passerbyers do a double take? Consider a Nissan 350z in Solar Orange. A V-6 engine and with a horsepower of about 300, why not get in in a bold color as well. It is a perfection option that comes in this season’s favorite color.


MINI Cooper

mini cooper

This spunky little car packs a lot of power as well. As one of the most customizable vehicles on the market, it was a must-add to our list of orange-colored cars. The handling and performance on these guys makes it a truly fun car to drive every time your in the driver’s seat. In Solaris Orange, the official name of this awesome orange tone, you are sure to show off your Halloween vibes. 


Lamborghini Gallardo


Now most of the time when we see a Lamborghini, it is in an exotic color. But we can’t help but add this bright, beautiful color to our list of favorites. Although on the expensive side, we like to point out that the neon orange really makes the lines and details of the Lamborghini really stand out. 


Dodge Challenger


The Dodge Challenger is a must pick if you fancy orange hues with a lot of horsepower. This stunner boasts 425 ponies with a V8 engine. While this may not be your daily driver, it is most certainly a fun drive. The Dodge Challenger looks especially good in orange as it accentuates its muscle car shape and performance. 


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