Evaluating A Used Car

You don’t always have to buy a vehicle brand new. There are some really great vehicles out there that are of great quality and have been meticulously maintained by their owners. It’s all about doing your research and inspecting the vehicle to make sure you are buying a great used car. If you are considering purchasing a used car, we have some great advice on things to look for and things you should have on hand to do your inspecting.


Paper Towels


Paper towels may seem like a miniscule thing to have on hand to assess a used vehicle, but we assure you, they are important! Some of us usually have extra napkins and paper towels in our vehicles for any spills or messes that are made. But for this purpose, they can be used to look at the dipstick of a vehicle if it still has one. Once you pull out the dipstick, wipe it down, and put it back in to see the condition of the oil in the vehicle. Having additional paper towels on hand can also come in handy for wiping away dirt to see any hidden scrapes or part numbers. 


Used CarSafety Glasses


Safety glasses have the purpose of keeping any fluids or particles from getting into your eyes. When you are inspecting a used vehicle, the likelihood of that happening is high when you’re looking underneath the car for any leaks or possible encounters with rust. 




For most, you’ll be able to take the car out during the day, get a good look at it, and maybe even test drive it. In other instances, maybe you are buying from a private owner, and are looking at a vehicle in the evening in someone’s personal garage. It is harder to see things in this view, but overall, it is good to have a flashlight handy. A flashlight lets you get a good look at everything from possible cracks in belts to tears in upholstery. 


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