Gearing Your Jeep Up for Spring

jeep spring

After months of snow, ice, sleet, road salt, and cold, winter is finally over, and now it’s time to make sure that you have the right Jeep gear for spring. Spring is normally considered a driving season, a time to shake off the cool brutal weather and enjoy off-roading expeditions, comfortable camping trips, and unforgettable cross-country tours in your Jeep. 

Just like spring cleaning is considered a good idea for your home, it also makes sense to give your Jeep a seasonal tune-up. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can prepare your Jeep for warmer days ahead and prevent future problems. 

Wash Your Car

Before you get into more intricate parts of your vehicle, the first thing you want to deal with is the exterior. Freezing temperatures and salt during winter can leave marks on the vehicle’s paint job. You’ll want to clean off any salt build-up before spring begins. 

Whether you choose to wash the vehicle by yourself or take it to a car wash, ensure that you do everything possible to neutralize the salt and save your paint job. Use cleaning products that are designed for the exterior of your car. 

New Wheels

If you’re looking to have the right Jeep gear for spring, it’s best to check your tires. If you’ve been cruising on snow tires, it’s time to retire them and prepare for spring. Winter tires aren’t made for spring conditions. If you use standard tires, now is a great time to check the air pressure and the general condition of all the tires, including the spare. 

Improper pressure can lead to the wear and tear of your tires and ultimately decrease your fuel mileage. Be sure to check the entire surface of the tires for any irregular or uneven wear. Tires in good condition help you get great fuel economy and the much-needed traction and reliability when you drive across the country.

Change Your Wiper Blades

When winter came, you might have changed your wiper blades to winter blades to protect your windshield against ice, sleet, and snow. Now that the spring season is here and the snow and ice are gone, you want to replace your winter blades with a set of new wiper blades that will clear your windshield and not scratch it.

Oil Check

After a long winter season, you should ensure that your Jeep is running at its peak performance. One of the best ways to maintain your Jeep gear for spring is by getting routine oil changes every three months. Whether you drove much or not, winter usually has tough operational demands on engines. 

If you are running low on oil, top it up. If your car needs an oil change, head over to a service center. If you are a handy person, you can change it yourself and save some money.

Check Your Battery

As winter comes to an end, you want to ensure that the electrical system of your car is functioning properly. The good news is that some auto shops usually have free battery diagnosis. Head over to an auto shop and check how much life your battery has left.

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