Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Winter is fastly approaching as we head out of September. The snow and cold of the winter months brings a lot of variables when it comes to our driving. It is important to set aside some time to get your car or truck ready to handle anything that Winter throws its way. Read on for a few areas around your vehicle to check up on before Winter hits.



Test the Brakes

A very important part of winter maintenance for your vehicle is checking the brakes. You’ll want to make sure they are very receptive to touch. You want to make sure that your vehicle does not slide if you have to drive through snow, rain, or sleet. 


Inspect the Antifreeze 

Making sure you have enough antifreeze is important. There can be negative effects if your vehicle is low on antifreeze. If it gets too low, it can prevent it from cooling your engine. If you already have experience with antifreeze, make sure you check this. As another option, a trusted mechanic can help out to make sure you have the right mix to protect your engine. 


Wipers and Wiper Fluid

Look out for any damage to your wiper blades. Make sure they are in good condition or consider getting them replaced. You want to have your wipers working effectively so they get rid of anything that will inhibit your visibility. Switching out your wiper fluid can be helpful in defrosting your windshield. 


Check Those Tires

Make sure those tires are up to speed as well. Check out the tread on them to make sure they have the proper amount. Consider getting new tires if this is low. Driving on low tread tires could result in your vehicle not being able to grip the road and that is dangerous. 


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