Gifts For A Car Enthusiast

With the holidays coming up, you may have a car enthusiast in the family who will be getting a gift from you this Christmas. It’s not always easy to go shopping or pick out a present for a car lover. Sometimes they would like specific parts or tools that may be a lot easier for them to get on their own, than as a gift from someone. But have no fear! There are still plenty of great ideas that you can gift a friend, family member, or maybe even something for yourself. We have a few clever ideas that will make great Christmas gifts!


christmas gifts


Light Bars


A light bar is made up of LED lights that are used to illuminate the front or back of a vehicle. This is a pretty great and functional idea as a gift, as light bars look really cool and have a safety purpose as well. With customizing their vehicle with more light, this will increase the visibility while driving for your gift recipient. 


Hood Deflector


While driving, a lot of debris, rocks, and dirt flies up while traveling. A hood deflector protects the vehicle and paint from any scratches or chips. Hood deflectors come for most make and models, OEM or aftermarket. These also work for business purposes. A custom hood deflector with a company name on it can really make your business stand out while driving. 


Floor Mats


As car enthusiasts, we are known for making sure our vehicles are in top shape. Clean inside and clean outside. While it may not be the most thrilling or exciting gift, having floor mats in your car will help your friend or family member keep it clean and they will appreciate that. Car mats are one of the gifts that gift givers can give easily as a present because they fit a lot of different types of vehicles. 


Wireless Charging Pad


We carry our phones everywhere we go, and there’s no exception when we’re in the car. If you or someone else always seems to have a low battery, a good idea is to get a wireless charging pad for your vehicle. Nowadays, you are able to pick up a universal charging that is compatible with most brands of cellphones. If you can’t find a charging pad, another option is get a universal phone mount for hands-free use. 


Cordless Tire Inflator


An air compressor is a great item to have. Maybe they happen to notice the air pressure is a little low in one tire. They will be able to use the tire inflator easily, and they will be back on the road in no time. 

Trick Trucks and Cars can provide the parts and install for your car enthusiast or for yourself. We will work with you to help decide what looks best and fits with their or your vehicle. We have a professional team that knows the ins and outs of all types of brands and models and will assist with any customization you may have. Head over to our website to check out our services or give a call with any questions.