How the Pandemic Is Affecting Car Dealers

It is without a doubt that coronavirus has changed our way of life. Specifically for the automotive industry, there are interesting shifts being made because of it. Buying or selling a car already has its challenges and questions without adding a global pandemic into the mix. For car dealers around the country, different aspects of the business have been good and have been bad as well.  


How the Pandemic Is Affecting Car Dealers



There has been a huge lack of supply when it comes to having cars available to sell on the lot or order. The pandemic has provided quite a tricky challenge as automotive manufacturers. A tiny computer chip called a semiconductor has halted production, left workers idle, and dealerships looking bare. This little piece has such a big impact in this industry. The job of this semiconductor is to oversee cruise control, calibrate the fuel injectors, run infotainment, and monitor tire pressure. Without the chip, vehicles can’t function and can’t function safely. This directly affects car makers as consumers who are vying for their perfect vehicle are having a hard time trying to acquire it. Being stuck in the pandemic last year and currently, people are more apt to buying a car for road trips versus taking a flight with all of the traveling restrictions.


Keeping it Safe

One of the most important changes, if not the most, is keeping everything clean and disinfected to put the customer’s mind at ease. That means rearranging sales protocols and the way business is done. Lack of personal interaction or having to stay 6 feet apart from customers has created a new battle for sales, but it’s necessary.  Aside from that, the inventory they do have, are being disinfected, showroom areas are being wiped down. It’s creating more work and extra time in order to make their sales. 


Customer and Dealer Relationships

Because of the pandemic, dealers are having to make adjustments when it comes to different aspects of the car selling and car owning experience of their customers. Unfortunately people have lost jobs, have had their paychecks reduced, or have switched jobs, which comes into play for the dealer. Finance departments have to come up with creative ways in order to be flexible to the customer during this uncertain time, offering things like being able to defer some payments or not pay everything up front, in order to keep and/ or make a sale. They’ve had to prepare for customers to not be able to make payments or reevaluate a loan, which is adding to the effects coronavirus has on car dealerships. Another area of change is car insurance. It raises a lot of questions for the consumer to ask the dealer as things like mileage driven has drastically changed because of restrictions and overall health concerns. 


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