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Must Pack Items For Your Next Road Trip

This time of year is perfect for a little road trip adventure. Road trips are about being care-free, enjoying the views and activities along the way, and creating lasting memories with your friends or family.

Whether you are staying local and hitting up a different county in Maryland or headed to another state, you’ll want to have the right items to make your trip comfortable and stress-free. With a little bit of preparation and packing your vehicle the right way, it will be nothing but good times ahead! If you’re ready to start loading the car, we have a handful of items for your next road trip we believe are essential for a smooth sailing road trip.

Items For Your Next Road Trip


The most important on the list. Bring all of your favorite snacks to avoid getting hangry during your trip. 



Whether you are taking shifts in driving or have some down time along the way, bring a pillow. Having an extra pillow in the car will make your trip comfier and useful to relax.



Your own set of headphones and a portable speaker are good items to have with you. Headphones to listen to your own music on the drive or during one of your adventures on your trip. A portable Bluetooth speaker is great to have for a beach trip or if you’re driving to hike a few trails.


Empty Tote

Packing an extra bag can come in handy. We recommend grabbing an extra empty bag when loading up the car. This way you can use this to store extra food, grab a couple of souvenirs along the way, or anything else as everyone could always use a little bit of extra storage.


Phone Chargers

Everyone has a different type of phone these days. Having extra chargers in the car will come in handy for you and your road trip buddies. You never know when you may need to charge your phone and you’ll have an extra cord just in case you need it to bring it somewhere during your trip.



Jumper cables and a flashlight are next on the list. These are an essential no-brainer because you never know when you may run into an issue. They are something you should definitely have in your car to not only help you out if necessary, you will also be able to help a fellow road-tripper in need. 


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