Is Your Vehicle Tailgate Ready?

Football season is back!


Whether you’re a fan of our hometown Baltimore Ravens or another team, you know what time it is! Tailgate Time! Tailgating is an essential part to the football game experience. It is more than just a gathering of a few friends with chips and salsa, it’s a multiple hour event before Sunday football. Tailgates nowadays have become a very elaborate pre-game party for friends and fans to partake in. Some tailgaters even go as far to set up TV’s and a lounge area in their designated parking spot and enjoy the game from there. Now, your car or truck is the main ingredient for your tailgate party. It is important to have it stocked so your tailgate will be the best around. Here are some of our tips for game-day essentials. 


1. Speakers

Music is essential to entertain your guests while you are celebrating on game day. You’ll need great music and a great sound system to keep the party going for hours on end. We suggest getting speakers that are bluetooth-enabled that way you or a friend can connect to it easily and play your favorite music. You can get ones that connect directly to your car or have portable ones. Make sure you find speakers that have a long life when fully charged because you’ll need every minute of it. 


2. Cargo

Hosting a tailgate requires a lot of gear. You’ll need chairs, grills if you’re cooking, tents, and other accessories that may not all fit in your vehicle. Consider getting a hitch and cargo carrier that you can pack up all of your stuff into to set up in your designated parking spot. Most of these carriers are easy to install, fit most vehicles, and latch on right on the back of your vehicle. As long as they dont block your turn signals, you’ll be good to go. This will come in handy with tailgate setup and breakdown. As an added bonus, carriers tend to be relatively inexpensive ranging from $100-150. 


3. Cargo Mats

During your tailgate, you’ll not want to have to worry about having a huge mess to clean up after all the fun. An easy hack to keep things clean is to lay down cargo mats to keep your vehicle clean. Anything that may get on them crumbs or spills, they’ll be much easier to brush off and clean than an interior or exterior of your car or truck. 


Trick Trucks and Cars has the ability to get your vehicle game-day ready. Call us with whatever ideas you have in mind for your next tailgate, and we will help set up your car or truck with the right parts and tools. We are happy to provide each and every client with a professional customization experience. Head over to our website to see what we could do with your vehicle!