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Customizations under $100 for Your Vehicle

For some people, a car is only viewed as a means of transportation to get them to where they might be headed. Chances are if you’ve made it onto our website and poked around our blogs, you are interested in giving your vehicle its own identity and making it unique to you. As car enthusiasts, we know it’s a well-known fact that our hobby can come with a hefty price tag depending on what kind of modifications we want to tackle with our vehicle. For those of you who have smaller projects in mind and/or want a customization that is light on the pockets, we have a bunch of ways to make your car a one-of-a-kind for under $100! 


Take It to the Floor

A great way to create a new look for your car is to add floor mats. Vehicle brands have different types of floor mats you can add to spice up your car or truck. Some more out-of-the-box brands like MINI have a bunch of neon or different pattern designs to choose from. This also is a beneficial addition to your vehicle as it will preserve the floor underneath and you may be able to fit them in your next vehicle. 


Grill Inserts 

The front of a car or truck is what people first notice about a vehicle. Front-end styling is a great customization under $100 that will make a lasting impression. Mesh and billet inserts can be added to the original grille, making for an easy upgrade. Popular in Jeeps and trucks, they also can be customized for other brands. 


The Center of it All

We’re talking steering wheels. Whether your style is a pink fuzzy cover with rhinestones, or maybe you want to go more sporty and a racing-style cover, steering wheels covers can make a unique change for your vehicle. They are a great way to tailor the look to who you are as a driver.



If you really want to jam out, a lot of times a stock audio unit just simply will not do for us enthusiasts. Additional sound equipment can get rather pricey, but there still are ways to improve your audio and not spend a fortune. Consider looking into a new set of speakers or a subwoofer that will enhance your listening experience without getting too expensive. 


Window Tint

Often one of the first customizations people go for on their vehicles is window tint. Going to an authorized dealer or trusted shop, window tint may run a few hundred dollars depending on the level. Now if you have a steady hand, you can find the right film to take on this project yourself. The only caveat with this customization is to make sure you are abiding by Maryland’s law of the level of tint for safety purposes.


Need help with one of the projects above or perhaps something bigger? Trick Trucks and Cars is a great place to add customizations to your vehicle. Check out our list of brands we carry to accessorize your vehicle or grab some inspiration from us for those more involved projects. We have over 40 years of experience in customizations and dedicate our time to giving our customers their dream vehicle. Call us today at 1-866-60-TRICK (87425) to bring your visions to reality.