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Pros vs. Cons of a Lift Kit

A body lift kit allows you to lift your truck or SUV an average of two or three inches higher than normal. This is done by placing a nylon spacer in between the body of the vehicle and the frame. The vehicle’s suspension and wheels are not affected at all – they both remain at their original height.

Lift Kit

Many drivers and passengers love to ride in a vehicle that sits high above the rest of the crowd, but many are still hesitant to install a lift kit. If you are wondering if the pros outweigh the cons, we have compiled a comprehensive list to help guide your final decision.

Lift Kit Pro: Increased Visibility

With the body of your vehicle sitting higher, you will be able to see much more of the road in front of you when driving. This is especially helpful when driving in highly-trafficked areas. If there is an accident or congestion ahead, you will be able to see it sooner to slow down accordingly or find a detour.

Not only will you have increased visibility as the driver, but other drivers on the road will also be able to see your vehicle better. Being taller can help reduce the chances of your vehicle hiding in other driver’s blind spots, which will help reduce accidents.

Con: Decreased Handling

As with any modification, installing a lift kit might affect your vehicle’s steering and handling since the center of gravity will be higher. That means drivers will have to be much more cautious when driving at high speeds or turning corners. Taking a sharp turn too quickly could increase the chances of a rollover.

Pro: Higher Ground Clearance

Another advantage of lift kits is the increased ground clearance. While this might not be entirely useful when it comes to driving on the highway, a higher ground clearance is incredibly important when off-roading.

Drivers will be able to easily maneuver hills, rocks, mud, and other off-road obstacles without damaging their vehicle’s undercarriage. The lifted body also means drivers are free to install larger tires, which will increase the vehicle’s clearance even more.

Con: Reduced Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, a body lift kit can reduce fuel economy a variety of different ways. The average aerodynamic drag coefficient for a vehicle is between .25 and .3. On average, every inch that is added to the overall height of the vehicle, the aerodynamic drag can increase by .01 counts. Even the slightest increase in aerodynamic drag can negatively affect the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Fuel economy is also reduced when drivers put on larger tires after the lift kit. The increase in rolling resistance and added weight will further increase the fuel intake needed to propel the vehicle.

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