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Repairs You Can Do Yourself Vs. A Professional

If you have ever had to take care of a repair on your car or truck, chances are you have visited the service department of a dealership or a mechanic. They usually tend to be on the more expensive side, charging for the labor and the escalated prices for parts.


You also then get to thinking what if I could fix this myself? How much would it cost? While getting parts yourself tends to be more cost effective, if you aren’t familiar with such repairs, it could not end well for your vehicle. So where is the happy medium of when to fix the vehicle yourself or send it to a professional? 


Oil Change

Vehicles roughly need an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. That is a lot of oil changes and you probably have lost count if you have your car routinely maintained. This is definitely one of those repairs you can learn to do on your own to save a trip and roughly $80 dollars or so per oil change if you were to take it to a professional. All that is needed is to take off the oil cap that’s located under the hood, then unscrew the bolt to the oil pan, and then grab a bucket. Let the excess oil drain into the bucket, put the bolt back on, and then add 4 quarts of new oil. Be warned though — it’s a bit messy! 


Transmission Fluid

Dirty or clogged transmission fluid is usually the culprit when your vehicle struggles to catch its gears. Because of how the car’s system operates, it is important to keep this working properly. While a changing of fluid may sound easy like an oil change, this process is a lot more involved. It takes a little more skill and precision, but it is definitely not an impossible task if you do have the expertise. This is one of those repairs that may be better suited to take to someone who has years of experience. While you may not be too happy in paying a little more for this repair, you will know it will be fixed right, as doing on your own could create potential damage or problems. 


Radiator Fluid

Replacing the radiator fluid is on the same level as a regular oil change. The process is similar as the fluid will need to be drained out from underneath the vehicle into a bucket. If you want to skip the trip to the shop, go ahead and tackle this one on your own if you’re up to it! You will just need to make sure you take the proper procedures to dispose of waste as it is toxic. 


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