Step Bars And Running Boards

Step Bars


Side bars are used as an easy step in order to get into a vehicle, especially if it has been modified or lifted. For this reason, you will most likely find them on larger trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. 


Step BarsStep bars are a part that goes by many names. If you are not familiar with it being referred to as a step bar, maybe you have heard it as a side bar, nerf bar, side steps, boss bars, tube steps, or step tubes. 


These bars are usually mounted low on a vehicle so it provides less ground clearance when stepping onto it. They are also situated a few inches between the actual step and the body of the vehicle, depending on the make and model. Step bars feature step pads on the bar that line up to where the doors are on the vehicle. They also are a more sleek option as the bars are pretty narrow. 


Running Boards


Running boards are another way you can add an extra step onto your vehicle. The difference here is that these are generally mounted right up against the vehicle’s rocker panel. Another characteristic is that running boards are a lot wider and flatter than step bars.


While this type of step adds a certain aesthetic value to the look of your vehicle, it also helps protect your truck or Jeep from any debris that might cause damage. These boards come in a few different types of styles such as rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and diamond-plate steel.


Need Help Deciding Which One IS Best For Your Vehicle?


Trick Trucks and Cars can outfit your vehicle with new step bars or running boards. Call us with whatever ideas you have in mind for your next project, and we will help set up your car or truck with the right parts and tools. We are happy to provide each and every client with a professional customization experience. Head over to our website to see what we could do with your vehicle!