Top 5 Noises That Require A Closer Look

At some point, every vehicle owner will hear a strange noise their car makes. Each car, truck, or SUV is made up of a lot of moving mechanical parts that work together to make them run. With so many parts and consistent use everyday, chances are one or more parts wear down over time and make noise if they are no longer working properly. While some issues can be resolved rather easily, there are some noises to look out for that may indicate a more serious problem with a more labor-involved type of repairs. Here are top 5 noises that require a closer look.

top 5 noises that require a closer look.

Knock Knock

If you hear anything that sounds like a knock, especially when traveling at higher speeds, it might be a good idea to slow down and check it out. More often than not, the issue lies somewhere in your engine. There may be a part that’s worn out and not functioning properly or faulty spark plug. It may be wise to take a look at the ignition as that knocking sound is from fuel getting inside the cylinder. Other things that may be giving you problems might be bad distributor caps or poor fuel injectors.



Anything that has high-pitched squealing sounds, head towards your brakes first. Grab a flashlight and check your brake pads to make sure they have sufficient padding. If your vehicle is making this sound, it could be the lack of padding when metal on metal produces that sound. If the pads are fine, look at those rotors. Anything that has dirt build up near there can cause this issue and maybe even a more serious one. Again if the brake pads have enough padding, get this problem checked out immediately as there may be other faults in the brake system that could cause brake failure all together. 



A hissing sound is most likely a more serious matter, as hissing equals leaking. Unless you are an experienced mechanic, your best bet may be to take this into the dealership or shop for service. Areas where your vehicle may be leaking could be the vacuum or the coolant. That hissing sounds from some type of liquid dripping on a hot engine. That in itself may be an indication that there is a malfunction. An overheated engine could stem from an issue with the catalytic converter. Any one of these could be the reason behind the hissing, however, it is best to get it checked out as it’s a safety concern for you if you continue driving with an overheated engine. 


Popping and Grinding

Popping isn’t as fun as it sounds. Don’t just turn up the radio and ignore this one. Usually the menace behind this one is an exhaust leak, fuel injector leak, muffler holes, or a dirty filter. When it comes to the grinding noise, a grinding sound comes from those who have manual transmissions, and the car jerks for those with automatic transmissions. These could range from issues with the clutch or lack of oil.


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