Top Off Road Tire and Wheel Packages From Trick Trucks

Off Road Tire and Wheel Packages

At Trick Trucks, our off-road tire and wheel packages push the limits and take a beating while maintaining their integrity. Whether you want to drive through mud, rain, or sand, our wheel and tire packages make your vehicle look great and provide the best handling and safety. 

Many off-roaders complain that standard tires don’t have what it takes. Advanced engineering differentiates between the best tire brands and run-of-the-mill tires. Learn more below about why you should upgrade to one of our top off-road tire and wheel packages.

Bigger Wheels Have Better Braking

When your truck has bigger tires, it has an increased grip on the road. When you have a better grip on the road, this reduces your braking distance. Bigger wheels also improve vehicle stability, and a larger diameter wheel means a heavier wheel, which affects acceleration.

Handles Difficult Terrain

Bigger wheels handle rugged terrain much better than regular wheels since it lifts your vehicle, but it also better absorbs the shock from driving through rocky or uneven terrain. You can even go off-roading in the snow if you have the right tires for the activity. If you have mud tires on to tackle snowy conditions, the tire’s footprint doesn’t provide the surface grip needed for snow and ice.

Best Tires For Improved Towing Capability

When you have a truck, you know it has a limit for how much weight it’s capable of towing, the answer to which you can find in our owner’s manual. Another term you might see in your owner’s manual is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, which is the maximum weight your truck can carry. This weight rating includes cargo, people, and fuel. That being said, bigger tires affect how much your vehicle can tow as there’s less torque. To compensate for the less torque, it’s best to choose a tire known for its towing, such as some of the tires in the Cooper brand we carry.

Increased Ground Clearance

Off-road wheels and tires increase the vehicle’s ground clearance, which is much needed if you’re climbing over rocks and dunes. However, there is a recommended minimum ground clearance for the type of off-roading you plan to do. If you plan to drive over rocks, you need a minimum height of 10.8 inches. If you plan to off-road over gravel, you need between 6.6 ad 8.7 inches. If you decide to drive over snow, you need at least 8-10 inches of ground clearance.

Our Tires Have Less Noise

You’ve probably driven down the highway in a vehicle with off-roading tires, and the one thing that stuck out to you was how much noise the tires made. This noise is due to the air passing through the tread patterns. There are off-road tires that produce less noise, such as some of the tires in the Hankook line we carry. While the same tread patterns make them excellent for off-road use, they can cause problems such as excess noise when traveling on roads.

Our team understands that wheels and tires aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. When you want to hit the ground running, you want to do so with the tire and wheel packages that fit your needs. Contact us today to have our Trick Trucks team help you choose the off-road tires and wheels packages for your needs.