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What Is A Headache Rack?

A headache rack is a vertical rack that is attached to the back of your truck’s cab in front of the rear window. They originally got their name because they keep tools and other materials from flying through the rear cab window and hitting passengers in the back of the head.

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Headache racks are most commonly made from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, which means they offer a strong yet affordable solution for many truck drivers. If you are curious to discover if headache racks are right for you, join us as we take a deep-dive into the different types of headache racks and the benefits they offer.

Types of Headache Racks

Headache racks typically have a crossbars or horizontal fencing design. These designs allow for rear windows to remain completely functional for drivers while effectively stopping any debris from breaking through.

Drivers can choose between different types of headache racks depending on whether they prefer a low or high model. Low models are perfectly level with the top of the cab, or they end just underneath the third brake light. High models fit higher than the top of the cab, which allows for more mounting space, but can impact the truck’s height clearance.

Another deciding factor for many truck owners is how they want to mount their rack. Roof-mounted racks attach to the roof of the truck’s cab, while bed-mounted rack mount directly to the bed sides and floor.

Benefits of Headache Racks

Aside from protecting passengers from any free-flying tools and debris, headache racks also help increase overall safety, protect cargo, and increase storage.

One of the main reasons truck owners install headache racks is to secure and support largo cargo. Loose cargo is not only a danger to passengers in the vehicle, but also to the truck itself and other drivers on the road. With a rear rack, drivers can mount travel gear, ladders, shovels, kayaks, bikes, or other gear. Simply tie down your items using multiple points of contact to keep them from moving around the truck bed.

Additionally, some headache rack models have a built in tool rack or tray to secure supplies. Or if drivers are looking for even more storage, the rack also provides a sturdy place to mount a toolbox.

Adding a headache rack on the back of your truck’s cab provides you with an additional mounting surface for lighting and other accessories. This can include light bars, beacon lights, and work flood lights.

Some headache racks even come with built-in brake lights and running lights. An extra set of warning lights, especially when located higher above the truck, can greatly improve a vehicle’s visibility on the road.

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