DU-HA Underseat Storage

What Is DU-HA Underseat Storage?

No matter how big your car or truck is, it seems there is never enough storage to safely fit everything you need. If this statement rings true for you, chances are, you need DU-HA underseat storage.

The DU-HA underseat storage fits underneath the rear seats of your vehicle or behind the rear seats, allowing you to make use of the extra space that you might not even realize you have.


Each DU-HA underseat storage container is specially designed to perfectly fit the year, make, and model of your vehicle. It also comes in a wide variety of colors so that it can match the interior.

Since the box is custom-fit for your vehicle, it also means the installation process is extremely quick and easy. All it takes is a few minutes and a set of fasteners. Simply lift the rear seats, slide in the DU-HA underseat storage, securely fasten it in place, and be on your way.


One of the biggest benefits of DU-HA underseat storage is the ability to organize and store a wide array of items. This includes hunting gear, fishing rods, rain gear, jumper cables, tools, and tie down straps. Most containers also feature dividers, allowing drivers to safely store all their items at once.

Safe and Secure

There is nothing better than having the back of your car completely clutter-free. Having a safe place to secure your valuables and possessions can bring you peace of mind, in more ways than one.

DU-HA Underseat Storage

First off, it serves to prevent any injuries or damages that can occur when driving around with loose items in the car, especially when it comes to tools or outdoor gear. For example, if another vehicle unexpectedly cuts in front of your truck and you slam on the brakes, all of the loose objects in the back seat could come flying forward to injure both you and your front seat passenger. Or a smaller item could roll underneath the driver’s seat and get stuck underneath the pedals.

Secondly, it keeps your items out of sight from any prying eyes or potential thieves. If there does not seem to be anything of interest in the vehicle, intruders will be less likely to try and break into the car.

The custom-fit and color-matching container means your items will essentially be hidden in plain sight. No one besides the owner of the vehicle will know the underseat storage is there. Plus, there are also models available with lockable lids, meaning only the person with the key will be able to open and access the box.

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