Deep Dive Into Fender Flares

The main reason for fender flares is to protect your vehicle from the elements that your tires can kick up from driving. Anything like sand, rocks, or particles from the road have a chance of scratching your vehicle if it’s not protected.  


Fender Flares

What Are They Made Of?

There are different types and styles of fender flares. Most often though, fenders are made out of ABS thermoplastic. This material is known for its resiliency and sturdiness which makes it perfect for a customization that is protecting your vehicle


Which Style Fits You Best?

Fender flares are generally a requirement if you plan on upgrading your tires to a bigger size. Your next move would be to choose what style of fenders you would like to add to your vehicle. They come is different shapes and sizes, but can be narrowed down to four main groups:


OE Style

These are a more basic style of fender flares. Great for a standard look or if you need to cover up a little damage or rust on your ride.


Street Style

These fenders are known for having a low-profile appearance. They also provide additional protection not only to the fenders, but the wheel wells. Street style is a great option for those looking for a more subtle appearance for this customization.


Bolt Style

Looking to add a tough and rugged aesthetic to your vehicle? This is the style of fenders you’ll want to install. They give off a vibe of toughness and power. The boldness of these fenders are perfect for those outdoorsy or off-roading enthusiasts. Another cool element of these is because of their bolt style, there is no drilling required when putting these on.


Extended Style

Mostly suited for heavy-duty types of vehicles, these fenders provide ample protection when it comes to keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. Serious off-roading is your game if you have these guys, and the best part? They can be installed within minutes and last a long time. Extended style would also be the best option as far as resale value goes because they keep debris away from the vehicle overall. 


The Cost

The cost of fenders vary depending on style and brand. Basic fender flares can be added to your vehicle for around $100 dollars. For one of the more enhanced styles or perhaps you would like a certain brand, those can range from around $200 to $400 dollars. If you would like to take it one step further and have customizations done to your fenders (like custom paint), the cost will increase from there. 


You May Need Them

It is important to check Maryland laws and requirements when considering fender flares or getting a vehicle without them. You may need to adjust your vehicle accordingly, depending on the rules. If you happen to live in one of our neighboring states, make sure you check what their local requirements are as you may need them. 


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