How To Find A Vehicle For Your Next Summer Adventure

Summer has arrived! This weekend marks the first official day of summer and we know you are more than ready to head out and explore in the sunshine. While we are still tackling the pandemic, things are getting safer and restrictions are lifting, making it the perfect time to truly celebrate the start of summer. What better way to navigate through this season than by taking a road trip, checking out a nearby park, jumping in a few pools, or any other activity that you envision for your perfect summertime. One of the biggest factors to find a vehicle is how you are getting to all these places! The right vehicle will make your days a breeze, and we have a few recommendations in selecting your wheels for some fun in the sun. 

Find A Vehicle

Business or Pleasure

Shopping for your next ride is always fun, but it is important to ask yourself some practical questions during your selection process. Will you be using this just for the summertime or will you be using this vehicle year-round as your daily driver as well? If just for the sunny months, you will want to consider what you will need to invest in the insurance and maintenance for this vehicle. That may range from putting in a call to your insurance company for pricing, to being proactive and starting up the vehicle a few times in the winter so it does not remain idle for too long. 

Getting Techy With It

The types of vehicles on the market right now have many options when it comes to technology on the road. Some of those can include upgraded sound systems, backup cameras, tv capabilities, and wifi connectivity. Whether it’s entertaining passengers with a few rear tv screens or turning up the volume for your favorite songs, think about what kind of tech you will want in your vehicle. 

Comfort Level

While you’ll be spending most of your time going from one activity to the next, a decent amount of time will be spent in your car or SUV. Consider the size and space of the vehicle for the types of activities you want to do this summer. If you are leaning towards multiple road trips, ensure that the vehicle is comfortable enough to stretch out in, as well as, being able to sit in for multiple hours without getting sore. Maybe a beach day is in your future, and you’ll want to consider the type of storage space your vehicle has for umbrellas, blankets, chairs, etc. for that ultimate day in the sand and water. 

On A Scale 1-100

Last but not least, how fun is your vehicle? When it comes down to it, this is the most important criteria for selecting your ultimate summer vehicle. Choose the car or SUV that genuinely makes you happy and will keep your smile and excitement every time you get behind the wheel.  Try to find a vehicle that’s both practical and fun. 

When You’ve Found the One, Head Over to Trick Trucks

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