Lift and Leveling Kits

We all love a good aftermarket customization to enhance our rides. Lift and leveling kits are some awesome modifications that will really make your vehicle stand out.


Lift and Leveling Kits

The Kits 


What is a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is a customization that increases the height of your vehicle, and sometimes the ground clearance of it as well. With this type, you have a lot of room to increase the height of your vehicle as much as you want. 


What is a Leveling Kit?

A leveling kit is a suspension-based modification that lifts the back of a vehicle higher than the front. The reason for this is to create a balance for when carrying heavy loads so the vehicle does not bottom out in the back. If the overall height of your vehicle is the most important aspect to you, a leveling kit will only give you about three or 4 more inches of ground clearance. 


Is It Expensive?


Suspension lifts are a bit involved when it comes to adding them to your vehicle. It involves adjustments with other systems of your vehicle like brake lines, shocks, and tires. Depending on how high you would like it lifted, a suspension kit runs anywhere from $300 to $2500. 


A leveling kit is more conducive to the original parts of most trucks and Jeeps. It does not require to adjust any parts, which makes it a very affordable customization if you are on a budget. These typically run from $100 to $750 depending on vehicle type. 




When it comes to installation for both suspension and body lift kits, they can be pretty time consuming. These can be a bit more of a process, with having to maneuver parts around. It also requires some trimming and welding parts to fit. We recommend having professionals do this installation, however, if you are experienced enough, it is definitely a doable install on your own. 

Leveling kits are a more basic installation out of the two. There aren’t many moving parts with adding a level kit. All you need is just a couple wrenches and a hammer. 


Need a hand to complete the new look for your vehicle? Trick Trucks and Cars can provide the right parts and assistance with adding height to your vehicle. We are a factory authorized dealer of many parts for a variety of brands. Our experienced team can help you choose what’s best for your vehicle and make sure it is installed correctly.