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Money Saving Driving Tips You Should Follow

It is no secret that gas prices have increased in price recently. If you are someone who relies on their car or vehicle everyday, it has had a significant impact on your wallet and budget. Luckily we have some money saving driving tips that can save you money in more ways than one.


money saving driving tips

The Speed Limits


While obeying the speed limit is a safety tip in general, it also can serve another purpose. The logic is simple here: the faster the speed you travel at, the more fuel you will consume. Which in turns means, you’ll be stopping for gas more frequently. So follow those speed limits and you will be seeing dollars back in your pocket shortly. Just going 5 miles per hour over the speed limit can increase fuel use by 25 percent.


Tire Pressure


When vehicles are well maintained, they are able to work to the best of their ability.  Having a vehicle that is reliable is important as well. Keep up with regular maintenance, whether that’s taking it to the dealer or doing it on your own. Pay attention to the air in your tires as that can make a huge difference. Driving with under-inflated tires causes more friction, which forces the engine to work harder to do its same job. 


Air Conditioning 


Believe it or not, but that cold air costs money too! Air conditioning does have an impact on the power of a vehicle. At lower speeds, it takes up more fuel and could be costing you more dollars. It’s worth turning it off when you are driving through small towns or slow moving traffic.


Extra Weight


If you are traveling around with extra items in your vehicle, particularly anything that weighs a good amount, it could be putting you at a disadvantage of being cost efficient.  Consider removing anything that isn’t a necessity on a daily basis or is just heavy in general. The more weight a vehicle carries, the harder it has to work in order to perform correctly. Putting that pressure on a vehicle lowers its efficiency. 


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